The Archive’s collection of historical documents and the missionaries’ books library

In the archive a big collection of historically important documents could be retrieved and safely disposed for a enduring conservation. Discover the huge correspondences of the missionaries since the early days  of their work by studying the documents in German, Danish, English, Kinyakyusa or Kiswahili. Such a journey may take you to many interesting places of the mission’s and church’s history like the first ordination of a tanzanian pastor 1932, the internment of the german missionaries as war prisoners 1940, the internationalisation of the missionaries’ community after the second world war and the collaborations and upheavals in the African Moravian Church during its long way to independence at the end of the 1960’s.

History and Sources

In a authentic travel report, you may follow a young missionary on it’s journey from Europe to German East Africa, conversate in Kinyakyusa with the help of the early missionaries’ conversation dictionnary or just study the titles and browse in the book’s of our library. For further interest concerning private or professional research, please contact the archivist.


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